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The menopause unwrapped

Reveal the way to successfully managing your menopause.

At dr4menopause we provide a caring, holistic and evidence-based approach to your journey through the menopause. We deliver a personalised plan, offering HRT and lifestyle choices that help improve your symptoms of the perimenopause and menopause.

Book with us today to for a bespoke menopause solution and bypass the waiting list on the NHS to speak to an experienced doctor.

Menopause Care with Dr .Shireen hardman

Menopause Care with Dr. Shireen Hardman

MBChB 1997, DRCOG, MRCGP passed 2002.

GP with an interest in the menopause.

I grew up in the West Midlands and graduated from University of Leicester in 1997 after completing my medical degree MBChB. I felt my vocation lay in caring for patients and understanding their needs and therefore I perused a career in general practice. I have over 20 years’ experience in General Practice, with a special interest in women’s health. I attained membership for the e Royal College of General Practitioners in2002 and hold the diploma for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

I am a member of the British Menopause Society. I have been a GP Partner for more than 17 years, and I am also an undergraduate tutor at Leicester University Medical School, teaching wellbeing and stress management.

As a female GP who works in the NHS, I am increasingly aware of the acute, unmet needs for women that are perimenopausal and menopausal. I am also aware of the time constraints that are present in the NHS to be able to deliver this care. I have an interest and an understanding of the menopause from my experience in the NHS and from my continued commitment to attending courses and events to keep abreast of the latest updates in menopause management.

I believe in empowering women to help make informed decisions about managing their menopause by offering them evidence-based solutions which are safe and practice within the guidelines set out by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).

I currently live in Leicestershire with my husband, teenage daughter, and ragdoll cat.  I enjoy exercising, cooking, and socialising with my friends and family.


To book a new or follow up consultation, please visit our book.an appointment page.

We offer both video and telephone consultations to patients living in the UK.

We are unfortunately unable to offer overseas consultations due to limitations in our insurance.

You do not need a referral letter from a GP or other doctor. the majority of women self refer to the clinic.

We see women experiencing perimenopause – who are still having periods / irregular periods and menopausal women who have finished their periods. please see our menopause symptom checker page.

The safest types of HRT are the ‘body identical hormones’ these are the same as the hormones in our body.

You may have heard of compounded bioidentical hormones. these are not regulated and are not subject to any quality control. there is no evidence-based medicine to suggest these help and we do not prescribe compounded HRT at the clinic.

Please view our price list hear.

We prescribe hrt privately to women for the first few months and then this can be obtained from your GP on the NHS. from 1 April 2023 you will be able to buy hrt prepayment certificate which enables access to a year’s worth of menopause prescription items for the cost of 2 single prescription charges (currently £18.70)

Following the initial consultation, we advise that you are seen at two months and we will advise when you need to be seen following this.  to obtain a prescription from us you will need to be seen annually.

Unfortunately, treatment for the menopause is not covered by private medical insurance.