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A GP with a special interest in the menopause, offering a personalised approach to guide you through your menopause

‘Unwrap the menopause with a doctor who cares.’

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Welcome to dr4menopause.com

Let us help you with your journey through the menopause.

A bespoke, private service for you, from the privacy of your home.

Affordable, accessible, and convenient service.

A caring and experienced female doctor.

dr4menopause is not a complex menopause service, and so will not be able to offer consultations to women e.g. with a history of breast cancer or a history of venous thromboembolism.

How I can help you

The menopause unwrapped -reveal the way to successfully managing your menopause.

At dr4menopause we provide a caring, holistic and evidence-based approach to your journey through the menopause. We deliver a personalised plan, offering HRT and lifestyle choices that help improve your symptoms of the perimenopause and menopause.
Book with us today to for a bespoke menopause solution and bypass the waiting list on the NHS to speak to an experienced doctor.


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To speak to a medical GP via video consultation

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See a menopause GP online via video consultation

And assess your treatment options including lifestyle and HRT.


Cost £180 for a 45 minute consultation, and £90 for a 20 minute follow up,

Why talk about the menopause?

75% of women get menopausal symptoms.

What does menopause mean?

Menopause means final period. It is the permanent cessation of menstruation.

The average age for menopause is 51 years, but this can vary, depending on genetics, lifestyle and the environment.
Now you are here, check out our menopausal symptoms checker.

What is the perimenopause?

This is the transition phase, when the ovarian function is fluctuating, and periods become irregular.

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